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Willy Wonka – Hybrid


Roald Dahl would be impressed. This modern tribute to the iconic author and his outstanding literary work was featured in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup as a THC concentrate. The strain, aptly named Willy Wonka, is a blend of Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth (the exact sativa/indica ratio remains unclear). It’s difficult to find details on its potency but it supposedly produces an average-level high. This strain provides a total body relaxation, with an enduring sensation of comfort and peace. Anxiety, stress and insomnia will be easily quelled by this hybrid’s tranquilizing effects – making it the perfect remedy for any sleepless night or anxious morning. Reminiscent of candy in both smell and taste, you’ll find yourself under its spell even before puffing out the first cloud! A hint of pine follows each exhale as well adding to Candy Jack’s sweetness. Boasting a vibrant lime green hue and brown flecks, these trichome-coated buds are sure to please. While typically not inflicting adverse effects on users, dry mouth and eyes may be an expected side effect. A hot seller in areas like the West Coast and American Southwest, this strain is surely set to gain traction fast!

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Roald Dahl would be proud. Maybe. This recent homage to the beloved author and his greatest literary creation placed in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup in the form of a THC concentrate. Willy Wonka is a sativa-dominant mix of Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth (precise sativa/indica ratio unclear). It's hard to find any information about exactly how much THC this strain has, but it reportedly delivers a moderately potent high. The experience is both cerebral and physical, with deep relaxation, a calming body buzz, and sleepy couch-lock effects. That makes this a very good choice for patients with anxiety or insomnia, though a full list of uses is hard to come by. The smell and flavor are reminiscent of candy, as the name suggests, though there are also pine notes to the taste. The buds are lime green with flecks of brown and a decent layer of trichomes on the surface. There are no widespread reports of adverse effects, but dry mouth and dry eyes should be expected. This strain sells best on the West Coast and in the American Southwest.

THC 23-25%

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