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Popcorn Shake 1oz

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $40.00.

Popcorn Salad buds are smaller and more brown than popcorn, making them the perfect middle ground between A-grade nuggets with their attractive bag appeal and low-cost cannabis. While these “B-grade” nugs may not be as impressive to look at, they surprisingly have similar potency levels when compared to their higher quality counterparts! Popcorn buds offer an amazing value for a great price without compromising on THC amounts.

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The distinctive popcorn shake is usually more stubby and browner in hue than standard popcorn. More often than not they're B-grade nuggets that can't compete with the visually captivating A-grades, but as far as price goes - you won't find a better midpoint between economy bud and premium quality flower. As for potency? It should be on par with (or less) compared to comparable top shelf strains from the same farm.

What is Popcorn Shake?

Popcorn shake is a unique consistency of cannabis flower that has been broken down due to handling. At times, you will notice tiny bits of the flower in your storage container; this is referred to as shake. While some experts may deem it as waste, others think it supplies them with just what they need for their desired strength level. Cannabis shake can be beneficial for various applications and should not have its ability underestimated!

  • The Indica Shake by High Supply is a top choice for many seeking an alternative to smoking nugs. Its texture mimics that of ground buds and can be smoked in various ways such as through joints or water bongs, making it a great option for those intimidated by the current potency levels of flower product. Moreover, some may opt to use shake in tinctures or baked goods with which they can create edibles!

What is Popcorn?

If you're looking for something that isn't quite as hefty in size than full nugs, but still packs a punch of potency – popcorn is the way to go. These smaller blooms usually grow below the main colas and receive significantly less light (and therefore nutrients) meaning they won't reach their maximum potential size like with full-nug flower. However, even though they may not have an impressive appearance; rest assured that these 'popcorn' nuggets are typically just as potent due to cannabinoid and flavonoid content!

  • GasDank offers both Hybrid and Sativa Popcorn buds - each possessing their own unique traits. The THC content in the hybrid popcorn is 19.1%, while sativa popcorns are slightly lower at 18.7%.Hybrid popcorn can be enjoyed any time of day, whereas sativas tend to provide more energy and should only be consumed during daytime hours for optimal results.