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Frequently Asked Questions
If you need more help

We are always here to help you on making the best purchases for your needs. Please contact us at 647-323-3488. We will happily assist you in anyway possible.

How do I become a member/customer?
First, you need to become a member. This can be done by filling out our sign-up form online or by phone. You can then order online or call us and order by phone. Feel free to call us at 416 558 6765 if you have any questions whatsoever. *Please note that valid identification is required upon delivery. Please note to receive the perks and discounts we offer orders must be made ONLINE.
What is Cannabis?
What Is Cannabis?
What are Cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found throughout the cannabis plant with a high concentration in the trichomes. The most common cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

is the most common cannabinoid associated with the euphoric and psychoactive effects. Therapeutic effects may include pain relief, relaxation and appetite stimulant.

is associated with several therapeutic effects without the psychoactive. Therapeutic effects may include muscle relaxation, pain relief, and anti-in-flammatory.

similar to THC, with psychoactive-properties. It may be an appetite suppressant and may also help control blood sugar levels.

the non-intoxicating precursor of THC, may have potential benefits in helping inflammation caused by conditions such as lupus and arthritis.

A non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

often referred to as the “Mother of all Cannabinoids” because it is the first produced by the plant when growing, is also the precursor to all other Cannabinoids in its acidic form.

Cannabinol is the non-intoxicating product of THC degrading and losing its potency. It may act as a sedative, extend the duration of sleep and may help treat pain and inflammatio

Guide to Terpenes
Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. These oils, which also appear in many other herbs, fruits, and plants, also play a significant role in the therapeutic and medicinal use of cannabis.


Memory aid







Can I Exchange Defective Products or Products I am not happy with?

We want all of our members to be satisfied with their purchase. Therefore, we have The Mr Feelgood Satisfaction Guarantee and we will happily exchange for a different product.  Simply return the defective product. We are unable to exchange or refund any free, promotional or giveaway products.

How do I use a promotional code?

Promotional codes are only valid when you purchase more than one strain from the same price category.  Please ask your phone person.

What is the Delivery time and fees?
Please see delivery rates on the bottom of the first page. Delivery is 3 hours or it is free for purchases of $99 and under. Purchases of $100 and over are free delivery in most parts of Mississauga, however the 3 hour window no longer applies. However you will most likely get your order in 1 to 3 hours.
Can I pay using Credit or Debit?

Currently we are not set up for Credit or Debit payments.  Cash is the  current standard for payment.

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