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White Diamond OG

White Diamond OG is the end result of intensive research done by CoGro Farms. This heavy-hitting hybrid strain is a cross between AK-47, Chemdawg and White Widow! This Northern specialty is known for its high THC concentration of 23% and its’ blissful and sedating buzz. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you with pain or inflammation, seek no further! White Diamond OG is known for its relaxing, dream-like qualities and pain alleviating effects.

3.5 GRAMS $33.00
7 GRAMS $62.00
14 GRAMS $110.00
28 GRAMS $200.00

White Diamond OG: A Potent Hybrid Strain

White Diamond OG is the prized end result of nearly two decades of research and breeding by CoGro Farms. If you are lucky enough to experience this powerful hybrid strain, you will know why it has been so highly sought after! This strain is created by crossing AK-47, Chemdawg and White Widow, resulting in a heavy-hitting indica-dominant strain with an impressive 23% THC content.

Therapeutic Benefits

White Diamond OG is a strain with therapeutic benefits that are best experienced when used to treat physical ailments, such as inflammation and joint pain. The effects of this strain can also help to reduce depression, anxiety and insomnia, leaving users with a dream-like state of relaxation. For this reason, it is best to consume White Diamond OG as a night-time smoke. However, experienced users should be able to handle it during the day as well.

Aroma & Taste

When opening a bag of White Diamond OG, you will be met with a strong aroma of woodiness and earthiness, with fuel-like or gassy undertones. Upon smoking this strain, you will experience a smooth minty flavour on the inhale with slight tones of berry-like sweetness. Not to mention, the impressive amount of trichomes or THC covering the buds – white crystals blanket the plant, hiding plentiful vibrant purple leaves.