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Walter White by Mephisto Genetics

Walter White by Mephisto Genetics is a sativa strain of immaculate proportions – originally created out of fascination, Mephisto Genetics manifested one of the best modern day sativa strains of the decade! Rumour has it that this talented team of breeders fell in love with a rare cut of The White and looked to replicate it’s amazing trichome production which led them to crossing it with an unknown sativa to create the most notorious strain on their impressive roster. Walter White doesn’t let down with high THC levels that flourish around 24% while providing an uplifting, energetic and heavy buzz. The aroma of this strain are likened to other famous sativas such asSuper Lemon Hazewith its’ intensely sweet and pungent citrus notes and a vanilla-like creaminess on the exhale.

3.5 GRAMS $35.00
7 GRAMS $68.00
14 GRAMS $130.00
28 GRAMS $240.00

Experience Euphoria with Walter White by Mephisto Genetics

Introducing Walter White, a sativa-dominant hybrid by Mephisto Genetics that will knock you off your feet—in a good way! Named after the antihero in AMC’s Breaking Bad, Walter White promises a flavorful and potent experience that is sure to please any cannabis user. Its flavor profile combines notes of primarily citrus and cream, with THC levels that reach as high as 24%.


Walter White is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It acts relatively quickly, and users will feel a rush of euphoria that will leave them feeling upbeat and focused. Despite being stimulative and cerebral, users will remain calm compared to other sativas, making it great as a wake and bake choice and for usage throughout the day. It offers a slight buzzy, body high that is relaxing, while also providing a sharpened sense of focus. This strain is known to induce mild appetites, and it may help boost sociability as well. Feeling stressed? Walter White will give you the energy and uplift that you need!

THC Content

Walter White is typically found to be 70% sativa and 30% indica, with THC levels ranging between 15% to 24%. Its genetics likely stem from The White, an indica dominant strain with 85% indica to 15% sativa, and averages between 20% to 28% THC. It is speculated that another Ruderalis or autoflowering sativa was used in the breeding process with The White.

Appearance & Aroma