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Vanilla Backwood Carton Cigars


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Embark on an enchanting journey with Backwoods Vanilla Cigars, epitomizing rustic indulgence like no other. Hand-rolled with a meticulous blend of craftsmanship and nature's finest, these cigars redefine the smoking experience, elevating it beyond mere tobacco consumption.

Since their debut in the United States in 1981, Vanilla Backwoods Cigars have enraptured aficionados with their seamless fusion of flavors, leaving an irresistible longing for more. Crafted with both untreated and treated tobacco, they promise a mild yet deeply gratifying smoking experience, distinguished not only by their captivating aroma but also by their exquisite flavor profile.

Reimagining the notion of budget-friendly luxury, Backwoods Vanilla Cigars emerge as a delightful surprise within the Sweet Aromatic lineage. Packaged thoughtfully in sets of 8 packs, each containing 5 cigars, these 4 1/8-inch delights feature a natural Indonesian leaf wrapper, ensuring a smooth draw with a 27-ring gauge. Their affordability doesn't compromise quality, making them ideal for leisurely moments or as thoughtful gifts.

Backwoods Canada Cigars embody rustic charm with an affordability that doesn't compromise on quality. Infused with vanilla flavorings, these cigars offer a mild-bodied smoke with a robust flavor profile, perfect for accompanying a cup of coffee or for any relaxed occasion. Encased in airtight foil pouches, they're conveniently available in sets of 8 packs, each housing 5 cigars.

Step into the realm of Backwoods Blue, where the enchanting smoothness of vanilla flavors reigns supreme. Launched in 1981, these machine-made cigars boast a rustic appearance and are packaged in airtight foil pouches to preserve their beloved aroma.

With their authentic Backwoods Quality, Vanilla Backwoods Cigars promise a consistently enjoyable smoking experience. The infusion of luscious vanilla flavor seamlessly blends with the natural tobacco taste, creating a truly distinctive smoking experience. Adorned with natural leaf wrappers, these cigars enhance both aesthetics and overall taste, contributing to their unique aroma.

Vanilla Backwoods Spes:

  • Made In: Dominican Republic
  • Distributed By: ITG Brands, LLC
  • Length: 4 1/8
  • Ring: 27
  • Flavor: Vanilla
  • Shape: Cigarillo
  • Wrapper Type: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
  • Filler: Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed
  • Origin: Puerto Rico
  • Strength: Mellow
  • Wrapper Color: Dark Brown / Maduro

Slow-burning and versatile, Backwoods Vanilla Cigars are designed for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Their smooth and mellow profile ensures universal appeal, making them ideal for relaxed evenings, celebrations, or moments of unwinding.

Vanilla Cigars Backwoods Toronto invite responsible consumption for adults of legal smoking age. Elevate your smoking ritual with the rich and aromatic essence of these cigars, conveniently accessible through select retailers or –°annawest for an unforgettable smoking encounter.