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Honey Berry Backwoods Cigars


Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars present a cigarillo-style smoking experience, featuring a natural Connecticut broadleaf wrapper infused with 100% natural tobaccos. Crafted with a tapered body, frayed end, and unfinished head, these cigars boast a unique design. The flavor profile is a delightful blend of fresh-picked berries and sweet golden honey. Measuring 4 ⅛ inches in length with a 27-ring gauge, each unit conveniently contains 8 packs of 5 cigars or 10 packs of 3 cigars, ensuring easy portability. If you’re in search of a quick and flavorful cigar that offers a budget-friendly option, Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars are the perfect choice.

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Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars, introduced in 1981, quickly became a staple among cigar enthusiasts, captivating them with a unique blend of flavors and an unmistakable rustic charm. Crafted in a cigarillo style, these cigars boast an all-natural Connecticut broadleaf wrapper infused with 100% natural tobaccos, creating a harmonious and satisfying smoking experience.

The distinctive structure of Honey Berry Backwoods Cigars adds to their allure, featuring a tapered body, an unfinished head, and a frayed end. This unique design, often described as "WILD and MILD," contributed to their immediate success, offering a novel smoking adventure that stood out in the cigar market.

Indulging in Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars is a sensory journey, with each puff delivering the delightful tastes of fresh-picked berries and the sweetness of golden honey. The 4 ⅛-inch length and 27-ring gauge provide a compact yet flavorful smoke, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a quick cigar with rich and enticing flavors.

For those who appreciate a budget-friendly option without compromising on flavor, Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars offer the perfect balance. Pack of Backwoods 5 cigars with honey berry flavors, these cigars provide a convenient and economical solution, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the distinct blend of honey and berry flavors without breaking the bank.

Honey Berry Backwoods Cigars Specs:

  • Made In: Dominican Republic
  • Distributed By: ITG Brands, LLC
    Honey Berry
  • Length: 4 1/8
  • Ring: 27
  • Shape: Cigarillo
  • Wrapper Type: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder: Homogenized Tobacco Leaf
  • Filler: Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed
  • Strength: Mild - Mellow
  • Wrapper Color: Dark Brown / Maduro

When exploring the world of cigars, the Backwoods brand stands out for its unique offerings, including the widely cherished Backwoods Original. Introduced in 1981, Backwoods Original has become synonymous with a distinctive smoking experience, captivating enthusiasts with its Wild and Mild taste. The allure of Backwoods Original goes beyond its pleasant aroma, as it features a meticulous blend of natural and treated tobacco, striking a delicate balance for those seeking a mild yet satisfying smoke. With a unique structure showcasing a tapered body, frayed end, and unfinished head, Backwoods Original delivers an enticing smoking adventure.

One aspect that often intrigues cigar enthusiasts is the Backwoods price. Despite offering a premium smoking experience, Backwoods cigars are known for their budget-friendly nature. The affordability of Backwoods makes them accessible to a wide range of consumers without compromising on quality or flavor. This makes Backwoods an excellent choice for both seasoned cigar connoisseurs and newcomers looking to explore the world of cigars without a hefty price tag.

For those eager to buy Backwoods cigars, the process has been made even more accessible with the convenience of online shopping. Numerous retailers and online platforms offer the option to buy Backwoods, allowing enthusiasts to explore different flavors and variations from the comfort of their homes. The online availability of Backwoods provides a hassle-free experience, making it easy for consumers to get their hands on these distinctive cigars without the need to visit a physical store.

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