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Tropicana Cookies – AAAAA

strain: 75% Sativa 25% Indica
THC Level: 27%
Parents: Tangie x Girl Scout Cookies
Flavour: Sweet/Fruity/Orange Juice
Aroma: Fresh Orange/Sour Spices/Earthy Pine tree

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Tropicana Cookies: A Euphoric and Relaxing Blend

Harry Palms brings us a tantalizing blend of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies strains, resulting in the delicious and invigorating Tropicana Cookies. Bursting with flavor, this strain is sure to fill you with a joyful energy and calm relaxation as the afternoon passes. Perfect for those seeking relief from mood swings, depression, stress, and pain, Tropicana Cookies will bring an energizing and calming euphoria that will last throughout the day.

Aroma and Flavour

Tropicana Cookies buds are shaped like minty green hearts and a core of beautiful purple. They have thin orange hairs and fat trichomes that shimmer with a deep purple hue. The terpene profile is a mix of citrus, sour spices, and earthy pine scents. It’s sweet, fruity, and floral.


Tropicana Cookies will bring a jolt of energy to your day and an uplifting sense of creativity and passion. As the day progresses, this strain will give you a calming body-high that will keep you relaxed and stress-free. With a high THC level of 28%, Tropicana Cookies can help to ease inflammation, muscle tension, and pain.

From Staff

Tropicana Cookies will bring a feeling of peace and contentment that will help to ease the worries and stress of the day. You’ll feel motivated, creative, and ready to take on the afternoon. Just make sure you’re not planning on sleeping!