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Trainwreck is a psychedelic strain with cerebral qualities and a body high that will hit like a freight truck. Originally discovered in Northern California, this strain was crossed with Afghani, Mexican and Thai landrace strains to create this potent heavy-hitter. Upon smoking, you’ll be delighted when you feel a surge of euphoria that’ll leave a smile on your face. Trainwreck is highly cherished by stoners for its impeccable THC concentration, which is roughly 18-20% on average. As a cross between three different landrace strains, Trainwreck inherited a very unique tart lemon and pungent, pine-like notes from its parents.

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Trainwreck: A Potent Hybrid of Sativa and Indica Strains

Trainwreck is a world-famous sativa-dominant hybrid strain that hails from the Emerald Triangle, a renowned weed capital in North California. This strain is a combination of three different strains – two from Mexico and Thailand, and one Afghani indica. It's an intense and heavy-hitting strain that offers users a balanced experience of both sativa and indica effects.


Typical of indica strains, Trainwreck offers users a full body high that can lead to couchlock and tiredness. But it's also a powerful sativa strain, giving users an intense cerebral high of euphoria and making them feel more relaxed and energized. It's also great for medical usage, as it can help alleviate pain, insomnia, depression, stress, and other conditions.

THC Concentration

Trainwreck has an average THC content level of 18%-25%, making it one of the strongest and most potent strains available. The sativa to indica ratio of Trainwreck is 80:20, but it can reach a higher imbalance of 90:10 in its true form. With its high potency and sleep-inducing effects, this strain is best saved for days off or weekend nights.

Appearance & Aroma

Trainwreck has a citrusy aroma that grows stronger as it ripens and has a tart and zesty taste of lemon-lime, topped with a layer of menthol. It also features an herbal, spicy, and piney wood tones. The buds of this strain are frosty and have lighter green shades, curling