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Tom Ford Pink Kush


Tom Ford Pink Kushis considered one of the most luxurious-looking strains in the cannabis world. This high THC concentration will have you kicking back and relaxing in style!

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Tom Ford Pink Kush Strain: The Luxury Cannabis Experience

Tom Ford Pink Kush Strain, also known as Island Pink, TFPK, or Super Pink, is one of the rarest Indica-dominant strains on the planet. Its 80% Indica/ 20% sativa blend makes this strain a favorite among recreational and medical cannabis users alike. While the genetics of this strain remain a mystery, it's no wonder it's named after the acclaimed fashion designer Tom Ford - it's one of the most luxurious-looking strains with celebrity status!

Aroma & Flavor

TFPK has an irresistible blend of citrus and sweet notes, with hints of woody and earthy undertones. When broken apart, you'll notice scents of tart lemons and warm honey. When burned, notes of diesel and pine come to life! The flavor is earthy with a blend of diesel-like and woody notes mixed with subtle candy and lemon flavors.


TFPK has rounded and dense nuggets, displaying hues of purple and pink leaves. It has vibrant orange-pink pistils and a layer of crystal-like trichomes throughout. Its luxurious appearance is truly one of a kind!


This top-shelf strain has a high THC concentration, so it produces a heavy buzz with long-lasting effects. It results in a euphoric high that’ll leave you feeling happy and creative, followed by a total state of bliss and relaxation. It's also a popular choice among medical cannabis patients for treating conditions like insomnia, stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

THC Content: 22-27%

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22 – 27%


0.01 – 1%