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Super Pink


Combining the legendary genetics of Pink Kush with OG Kush, Super Pink has inherited the aroma of its temperate rainforest home to offer users a fresh and invigorating flavour profile born of pine trees, fresh rain and dank earth. With stocky, dense buds that taper are bright-green in colour, Super Pink delivers a suite of relaxing, body-focused effects and a rejuvenating and uplifting mental head high that makes this strain perfect for both recreational and medicinal users.

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Super Pink: British Columbia's Legendary Strain

Introducing Super Pink: the legendary strain from British Columbia that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. Combining the genetics of Pink Kush and OG Kush, Super Pink delivers a unique and forest-fresh flavour that's sure to invigorate and refresh your senses. With an average THC content of 27%, this strain will get you super high, while its sedative and relaxing effects make it perfect for both recreational and medicinal users.

Aroma and Flavour

Super Pink's aroma and flavour profile captures the essence of British Columbia with its woody, pine and earthy notes, complemented by spicy and skunky notes. On the exhale, this strain leaves you with a light touch of floral and herbal notes that are sure to tickle you pink!


This strain has a classic-indica bud structure with stocky, dense buds that taper into a spade. It has a bright-forest green colour with its trademark pink-orange pistils poking out beneath the surface before they’re enveloped in a generous dusting of silver-white trichomes.

Super Pink Effects

As a strong indica, Super Pink offers a host of body-focused effects that make it perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. Upon inhaling this strain, users will feel a surge of relief and relaxation that melts away muscle tension, stress and pain, while its cerebral-focused effects will elevate your mind into a state of pure, euphoric bliss. On the exhale, it delivers a timeless, classic couch-lock high.

Super Pink Medicinal Benefits

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