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Shishkaberry – AA+ – $65/Oz

Strain: Indica
THC: 22%
Parents: DJ Short Blueberry x an unknown Afghani strain
Aroma: Sweet | Herb | Berry
Flavour: Earthy | Sweet

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Introducing Shishkaberry, an indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs a powerful punch. This 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain won second place for best indica at the 2001 High Times’ Cannabis Cup, yet its exact origins remain a mystery. With an average THC content of 18%, the strain can reach up to 26%, making it more suitable for experienced users.

Aroma and Flavour

The buds of Shishkaberry have a sweet and fruity berry scent with a slightly earthy undertone that balances out its sweetness. Its flavour is equally as enticing, with the earthy notes providing a nice balance to the berry sweetness. On top of that, Shishkaberry buds are long and dense with a shade of purple and an immense amount of frosty trichomes.


The effects of Shishkaberry are plentiful and varied. You can expect to feel an initial head high that will make you feel social, focused, and incredibly happy. This will be quickly followed by a body high that will leave you feeling relaxed and dreamy. Many users find they end up falling asleep afterwards, making it a great choice a few hours before bed.

Medical Benefits

Shishkaberry is a great strain for medical users who are looking for immediate relief from stress and insomnia. Its sedative effects can help those with chronic pain and conditions like Parkinson’s, while its initial head high can help users be productive.


Popular in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, Shishkaberry is a strain that lifts you up before it lets you down. Enjoy it during social occasions to loosen up and then head back home for a relaxed and dreamy evening on the couch. Have trouble getting a restful night of sleep? Smoke a little bit before bedtime and wake up feeling refreshed. Shishkaberry strain is