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Sativa 240mg Shatter Brownies (Euphoria Extractions)


Sativa 240mg Shatter BrowniesbyEuphoria Extractionscontains 6 beautifully crafted brownies made from full spectrum hash oil and delicious chocolate.Each 240mg box contains 6 brownies which have 40mg of THC each

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Experience an unforgettable treat with Euphoria Extractions' Sativa 240mg Shatter Brownies! These 6 beautifully crafted cannabis-infused brownies are made with full spectrum hash oil and decadent chocolate, crafted by Euphoria Extractions' experienced team. Lab-tested to ensure quality, these brownies are derived from a sativa strain and contain an array of delicious ingredients, including sugar, enriched bleached flour, cocoa, semisweet chocolate chips, soybean oil, bittersweet chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks, salt, baking soda, and natural flavor. Please note these brownies contain wheat, barley, soy, milk, and eggs, and may contain tree nuts and sesame seeds. Enjoy the tantalizing flavors of Euphoria Extractions' Sativa 240mg Shatter Brownies today!