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Russian Rocket Fuel by Short Stuff Seedbank

Russian Rocket Fuel also known as RRF is an intense gas and diesel-scented strain that offers users a debilitatingly powerful high and evenly-balanced effects. Unlike its’ name may suggest, this indica-dominant hybrid originates from Spain as a cross between an unknown strain and NYC Diesel, giving it a characteristic fruitiness and a fuel-like aroma that packs a heavy punch. On average, Russian Rocket Fuel boasts tremendously impressiveTHClevels that can range between 21-25%. Contrary to the effects of manypure indica strains, this exotic hybrid is known for its’ fast-acting high that begins with a cerebral rush that uplifts and enlightens the mind. RRF also exhibits effects of a psychedelic nature, with many users reporting sensory distortion similar to that of magic mushrooms. The heavy gas notes of Russian Rocket Fuel are inherited from its’ NYC Diesel parentage, while a rich, earthy creaminess provides another layer to the strains’ intense terpene profile.

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Experience a Blastoff with Short Stuff Seedbank's Russian Rocket Fuel!

From the name alone, you know this strain is about to take you on a powerful ride! Bred by Short Stuff Seedbank, Russian Rocket Fuel (or RRF for short) is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing NYC Diesel and White Russian. This gassy strain is known for its potent yet balanced effects and its strength, boasting up to 25% THC potency! With gassy flavours that are complemented by a hint of fruity notes, you’ll be feeling like you’re soaring through the universe in no time.

What You Can Expect from Russian Rocket Fuel

Russian Rocket Fuel is one of those strains that hits you almost immediately, with a head high that will have your mind racing between thoughts! Despite this, users will also feel energized and be able to focus. The effects of the strain can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, while its body stone can help with chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Its tranquilizing effects are ideal for treating insomnia, making it suitable for evening usage and indoors.

THC Content & Aroma

The Russian Rocket Fuel Strain typically has a ratio of 85% indica to 15% sativa, boasting between 21% to 25% in THC levels. It has gassy notes that are nicely complemented by a hint of sweet and fruity flavours, with undertones of mint, spices, herbs and honey. The buds are round and pointy with a neon light green