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Purple Space Cookies


Purple buds, star-like trichomes shining in the light and hints of pine – is this heaven? It may not be, but it’s the closest thing we’ve found. Your plans won’t be railroaded when smoking too much, but you will be left bleary-eyed and cheesing a big grin. Let’s say you won’t be stuck to the couch, but you’ll soon forget your back was ever sore. It’s guaranteed to place a smile on your face. If you like good vibes and an unwavering pep in your step, you’ll love this strain.

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Purple Space Cookies: A Deliciously Unique Hybrid Strain

Purple Space Cookies is an incredibly unique hybrid strain, with its lineage debated by cannabis historians. The most likely combination is a cross between Purple Kush, Space Queen, and Girl Scout Cookies, although there is also a sativa-dominant variation created from Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is popular for its high levels of THC, typically reported at 20%, and its fresh pine aroma.

Experience Uplifting Effects from Purple Space Cookies

This strain is highly praised for its effects, providing users with an incredibly pleasant experience. Expect a powerful but relaxed high with euphoric and delightful energy, leaving you feeling sociable and cheerful. You’ll have plenty of energy to be productive and remain active, but don’t expect to be able to focus for too long. In fact, Purple Space Cookies is known to help you think outside of the box and stimulate creativity.

Medical Benefits of Purple Space Cookies

This strain also has a few potential medical benefits. It can help to temporarily improve symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, while its anti-inflammatory effects can numb pain, such as headaches and nausea. It may also be useful in treating conditions such as ADHD, fatigue, and chronic pain.

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