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Pine Tar


Pine Tar aka Pine Tar Kushis a pureindicastrain from genetics native to Pakistan. This bud is sticky and pungent, that has flavours of pine with sweet undertones.

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Pine Tar Strain: A Captivating Cannabis Experience

Introducing Pine Tar, aka Pine Tar Kush – a pure indica strain from Pakistani genetics. This strain is known for its sedative properties, and a THC level that will leave you in a sleepy state. Its pungent, sticky buds feature a flavour profile of fresh pine with sweet undertones, making it a popular choice among cannabis users. Pine Tar is a great choice for treating mild to moderate depression, insomnia, muscle spasms or cramps, and lack of appetite.

Aroma and Flavor

As you approach Pine Tar Strain, your olfactory senses will be tantalized by its captivating and unique pine-forest aroma. Take a hit and you'll be transported to a tranquil woodland oasis, with a sweet and resinous pine flavour taking center stage. Earthy undertones add a pleasant depth to the overall taste, and a subtle hint of citrus may linger on the aftertaste.


Pine Tar Strain is a sight to behold. Its compact buds bear a lush forest of deep green, accented by rusty orange pistils weaving their way through the buds. Glistening trichomes glimmer like morning dew, hinting at the potency that lies within.

Flavours: Herbal, Peppery, Citrus

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Focused, Euphoric

Medical Benefits: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Appetite, Depression

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