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Omega CBD 1000mg


The Omega CBD 1000mg tincture is a remarkable product, providing an opulent dosage of 1000mg of high-quality CBD. Just mix it with your favorite beverage or lotion and you’ll experience the amazing effects that come from this one-of-a kind hemp extract! Not only will you feel relaxed without any psychoactive side effects due to its THC free composition – but people suffering from muscular inflammation, anxiety, or sleeplessness would especially benefit greatly using this powerful formula. Buy now at our store for the ultimate solution to all your wellness needs!

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  • 1000mg THC in 30ml MCT oil.
  • One dropper-full (1ml) contains approximately 30mg THC.

Omega CBD tinctures can be advantageous for a host of reasons, however to maximize benefit you should start with low doses and increase gradually over the course of a few days. Additionally, it is recommended that you split your dosage into two parts during each day - such as morning and night. To ensure maximum absorption, many people prefer to place their dose beneath their tongue and allow it to dissolve in order to get more out of its effects. For maximum absorption, we recommend that cannabis consumers wait a few moments prior to swallowing the THC. If you aren't fond of the taste, why not add this tincture to your food or drink? With its 1ml dropper bottle, using and distributing the Omega THC tincture 1000mg is incredibly simple. Buy it now online at our store!

If you’re looking for an effective, precise way to administer medical cannabis/cannabinoids, then look no further than a tincture dropper. With the easy-to-use droplet application from just one 30ml bottle, you can effortlessly and accurately dose sublingually—directly into your mouth. Not only does this allow cannabinoids to be absorbed quickly but it also ensures consistent dosage every time! Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 104 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and has been a preferred natural remedy for many illnesses. Distinct from edibles, this product only goes through digestion once; it does not change into its metabolite form. CBD can be used to address a wide variety of physical symptoms and emotional issues.