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Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg


Full Spectrum CBD Oil harnesses all the therapeutic properties of cannabis, including a small amount of THC for eliciting its renowned euphoric effects. We are proud to offer Full Spectrum CBD 1500mg online- come check it out in our store and experience firsthand how this remarkable oil can transform your life!

Unleashing the full potential of CBD oil starts with ensuring that you shake the bottle before taking it. Then, use the dropper to measure out a suitable dosage and place it beneath your tongue for roughly 30 seconds up to one minute so that its effects can be fully absorbed by your mouth’s membrane. Finally, simply swallow down what remains in order to benefit from all its positive qualities!

Not only can you ingest CBD oil through food and drinks, but its effects may not be felt until much later as it is absorbed in the digestive system.

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How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

  1. Every day, ingest one dose orally two times. Never consume more than 1 mL (two servings) in a single twenty-four hour period unless advised to do so by a medical expert.
  2. Make a record of your daily changes to ensure that you are accurately and effectively tracking any progress. Ensure to write down the physical sensations you feel before as well as after consuming CBD, so that there is an accurate comparison over time.
  3. After two weeks of consistent consumption, if you're not noticing the desired results, consider taking an extra dose as long as it's inside the maximum number of servings per day prescribed by your product. Experimenting with dosages ranging from 5mg to 60mg can help determine which one is most effective for you and your needs.

About Extra Classic CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil features an impressive potency of cannabis CBD and only two ingredients, making it the perfect choice for supporting a healthy immune system, managing daily physical stressors, and expediting post-exercise recovery.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil, proudly sourced from our local Colorado farms and containing 110+ different cannabinoids, is blended with organic MCT oil for an incredibly smooth experience. If the natural flavor of hemp extract isn't quite to your liking, try out our Classic CBD Soft Gels which provide all the same benefits without any taste! No artificial sweeteners or flavors needed--just pure goodness.

What does CBD do?

Hemp extracts are enriched with a plethora of cannabinoids, such as CBD, that synergistically interact with the endocannabinoid system. By binding to diverse receptors throughout our brains and bodies—particularly in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems — these healing compounds regulate homeostasis while promoting overall wellbeing.