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Northern Lights


If you have ever seen the Northern Lights, you would know where this strain gets its name from. An absolute legend in its own right, Northern Lights is famous in the Canna-community for being a ‘two hit and quit’ strain.

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Experience the Euphoric Effects of the Northern Lights Strain

The Northern Lights Strain is one of the most sought-after marijuana strains known for its euphoric after-effects. This beautiful Indica is a combination of Thai and Afghani Indica’s, predominantly Indica with just about 5% Sativa. Its history is a mystery, with the founder's name being only “The Indian.”

Aroma & Flavor

This strain packs a pungent smell of “dank weed” that can quickly fill a room. Surprisingly, it has a layered taste full of wood and pine with hints of an earthy sweetness, almost like a citrusy candy.


The buds of the Northern Lights strain look almost like its namesake, with streaks of purple, olive green, and blue throughout. The pistils are a brassy orange and the water leaves tend to be a darker green, with streaks of blue at the tips.


The Northern Lights strain is known for its sleepy, relaxing, and euphoric effects. It brings on feelings of happiness, positivity, and seeing the world in vibrant colors. It also induces a deep sleep without any hangover feeling.

THC Level


Buy Northern Lights Strain Online

For a calming and soothing experience that relaxes both your body and mind, the Northern Lights strain is the one to go for! Buy it online today and experience its soothing effects in the comfort of your own home.

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