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Moby Dick


Moby Dick is a superb sativa-dominant hybrid that is one for the books. With powerful potency and heavenly heady effects, it’s hard to resist! That said, be warned, Moby Dick packs a punch. So, be ready for a charged, energetic buzz!

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Moby Dick Strain: A Whale of a Good Time!

Are you ready for a whale of a good time? Moby Dick is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid originally created in Amsterdam by Dinafem Seeds. This hybrid is a mix of the renown parent strains White Widow and Haze. Its THC content ranges from 21 to 27%, making its effects highly psychoactive. So if you’re an intermediate to expert toker, this strain is up for a good time!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Moby Dick has a classic look with thick buds in shades of light, medium, and dark green. Bright orange pistils poke out from amongst the leaves while a layer of crystals and trichomes coat the leaves. In terms of fragrance and flavour, this strain has a distinct citrus scent and a sweet, earthy smell. On the inhale, users can expect a shock of sour lemon flavours while on the exhale, a lingering pine taste is left behind.

The effects of this bud are just as enjoyable as its smell and taste. Moby Dick will boost your mood and provide you with a burst of energy, making you feel creative and productive. It will also induce a sense of positivity, loosen you up, and make your worries wash away. So if you’re looking for a social strain that won’t make you too sedated, this bud is for you! Plus, it can help manage symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, fatigue, and pain.

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16 – 21%


0.01 – 1%