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Mendo Breath


Mendo Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing the well-known classic, OG Kush Breath with Mendo Montage.

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Mendo Breath: An Indulgent Experience of Aroma, Flavour and Effects

Mendo Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid strain crossing the well-known classic, OG Kush Breath with Mendo Montage. This bud has a sweet vanilla caramel candy flavor and a fresh earthy aroma. Its potent effects will tingle throughout your body, leaving users with a calming body high that tends to leave you couch-locked. Mendo Breath is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms or cramps, and chronic stress.

Aromatic Effects of Mendo Breath

The aroma of Mendo Breath is a delightful combination of sweet vanilla and earthy undertones. As you inhale, your senses are greeted with a warm and inviting fragrance that captivates the room. The subtle sweetness of vanilla entwines with the earthy notes, creating a harmonious blend that is both soothing and uplifting.

Flavourful Effects of Mendo Breath

When it comes to flavor, Mendo Breath delivers a symphony of delightful tastes that dance across your palate. With each inhale, your taste buds are treated to a harmonizing melody of flavors that create a truly indulgent experience. Finally, the predominant flavors include a delectable combination of caramel, spice, and freshly baked cookies.

The Soothing Effects of Mendo Breath

The allure extends beyond its captivating scent and flavor. Its effects are what truly set it apart, allowing you to unwind, relax, and find solace amidst the chaos of everyday life. The strain’s indica-dominant genetics instill a sense of deep calm, soothing both body and mind.

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