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The CIA tested the drug LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) on people to explore its immense hallucinogenic potential. So, for a strain named after such a profound drug, you know this has to be some pretty potent stuff!

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Experience Euphoria with the LSD Strain

The LSD strain is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid created by Barney’s Farm, one of Amsterdam’s most popular cannabis breeders. This strain is a cross between the famous Skunk #1 and a rare Afghanistan hybrid, Mazar I Sharif, giving it a strong 55% indica-dominant profile. It contains a relatively high THC level of up to 24%, along with 2% CBD content, making it the perfect choice for those who want to experience a psychoactive high without the paranoia.

Aroma and Flavor

LSD has an intense pine aroma with skunky notes throughout and a hint of sweet berry flavor. On the inhale, you’ll taste a strong piney flavor, followed by a lingering sweetness that’s almost like bubble gum!


LSD has cone-shaped buds with dense structure and deep olive green leaves with hints of purple. It’s covered in a thick layer of trichomes and orange pistils.


LSD provides a mental high that is creative and euphoric. You may find yourself becoming more talkative and sociable as your inhibitions start to disappear. After an hour, the physical effects kick in and you’ll feel your muscles relaxing and your whole body becoming heavy. It can help you find relief from anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, or stress.

THC Content

20- 24%

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18 – 23%