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Lemon Skunk – AAAA

Strain: 70% sativa | 30% Indica
THC Level: 24%
Parents: Dutch Citron Skunk x Skunk #1
Aroma: Lemon | Skunk | Sour | Earth
Flavour: Citrus | Sweet | Creamy

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Introducing Lemon Skunk, an award-winning Sativa hybrid with a THC count as high as 24%. Developed by DNA Genetics, this strain is a cross between two skunks with a strong lemon aroma and flavour. Lemon Skunk is renowned for its distinctive scent, flavor, and effects.

Aroma and Flavour

Lemon Skunk has a powerful aroma of lemon and skunk, with earthy and sour undertones. When smoked, it offers a pleasing lemon flavour profile, with sweet and creamy notes, and accents of sour citrus and skunk.


Lemon Skunk starts with an uplifting cerebral stimulation that can be thought-provoking and creativity-inducing. After the initial effects have worn off, users may experience a numbing and calming body stone that can be mildly sedating. Inexperienced users should start with small doses to avoid possible unpleasant effects like dry mouth, paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Medical Use

Lemon Skunk is often used to treat chronic migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression due to its mood-enhancing properties. It can also be used to relieve nausea and eating disorders.

From Staff

Lemon Skunk is an extremely popular strain for its aroma, flavour, and effects. It provides an uplifting high without being overwhelming, and has a pleasant feeling of relaxation after the initial high has worn off. Lemon Skunk is suitable for daytime use as it doesn’t cause couch-lock.