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Kush Mints

Kush Mints

Kush Mints is a unique and potent cannabis strain created by Seed Junky Genetics that has been tested to reach 24% THC potency. It is a 50/50 balance of indica and sativa genetics, derived from its parent strains Bubba Kush and Animal Mints (a cross of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG). This strain offers deeply relaxing effects on the mind and body, with a unique flavour profile of coffee and sharp, strong mint. It has a tingly sensation at the onset of its high, and then progresses into waves of calmness that can be both energizing and sleep-inducing. It is a great choice for medical and recreational cannabis users alike, and can be used to treat temporary and chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety.

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of Kush Mints are large, chunky, and fluffy, with forest green colour and orangey amber pistils. It is covered in a dense coating of crystal-like trichomes. The aroma and flavour of this strain are of sharp mint and coffee, with a hint of wood, earthiness, herbs, and spices. Upon exhale, the smoke is a sweet and delicious dessert-like flavour similar to coffee and mint flavoured cookies.

THC Content

Kush Mints has an average THC content of 22-24%, and its parent strain Animal Mints reaches a whopping 25-32% THC potency. As such, users should be careful when consuming this strain, and it is best suited for nighttime use or lazy days.