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WiFi Cake by Pluto Craft Cannabis

WiFi Cake by Pluto Craft Cannabis

WiFi Cake by Pluto Craft Cannabis is an AAAA+ quality sativa dominant hybrid created by professional breeders in British Columbia. WiFi Cake was created by crossing two popular strains, Wedding Cake (also known as Pink Cookies) and White Fire OG (or WiFi OG for short). This strain is incredibly potent, with THC levels reaching as high as 30%! This strain offers users a delectable blend of sweet and pungent flavours, and an uplifting, yet relaxing, cerebral high.


The effects of WiFi Cake are almost instantaneous, starting off with a strong burst of cerebral uplift that will have you feeling happy, focused, and alert. This strain is great for social settings as it can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and ADD/ADHD symptoms. In addition to its uplifting effects, WiFi Cake offers users a relaxing body high that can help ease aches and pains. The effects of this strain are best suited for daytime usage as it won’t make you feel tired or drowsy.

THC Content

WiFi Cake is 70% sativa to 30% indica, and has an average THC level of 26%, with levels reaching as high as 30%. Its parent strain, White Fire OG is an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio