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It’s no wonder Trainwreck has earned a laudable reputation in the marijuana scene; this stimulating hybrid strain is like an exhilarating rollercoaster after just a few tokes. A harmonious blend of two sativas (Mexican and Thai) and one indica (Afghani), it will leave you feeling invigorated! Trainwreck is an inspiring 80:20 sativa-dominant strain that provides both a calming body stone and mental stimulation. This exceptional flower’s potency makes it safe to use throughout the day while still providing relief from physical ailments like pain, PTSD, or stress. Creative minds will enjoy Trainwreck’s ability to spark imaginative thoughts perfect for artistic endeavors. The long, vibrant green leaves of this strain are accompanied by an unmistakable scent of pine and citrus. On inhaling, you may experience a slight cough along with an invigorating aftertaste of lemon; while its light hue ranges from bright green to subtle hints of gray due to the heavy trichomes (hairs). Simply put, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by this captivating aroma!

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Originating in the cannabis mecca of Northern California, otherwise known as the Emerald Triangle, Trainwreck, from Native Seed Company seeds, is a stimulating fusion between three pure landrace strains - Mexican sativa, Thai sativa and Afghani indica. This 65% Sativa/35% Indica hybrid boasts an array of balanced effects that can be felt throughout both body and mind for a truly transcendent experience.

As with many sativas, Trainwreck will initially bring about a euphoric and stimulating high. However, as the effects of this strain start to become more evident over time, it is sure to help ease you into a calming and relaxing state that's best suited for evening consumption.

Trainwreck Aroma

Trainwreck, from Native Seed Company, has an incredibly powerful fragrance, so strong that it can fill a room and make you feel like you've stepped into the heart of a dense forest. The bold piney scent is complemented by delicate undertones of lemon and spicy hints to create an unforgettable aroma.

Trainwreck Flavor

As you inhale Trainwreck, the earthy pine notes are most noticeable, while fragrant citrusy lemon nuances linger on your tongue in its exhaled plumes.

Trainwreck Appearance

Trainwreck plants boast an unmistakable look, with robust stems and slender leaves that can reach impressive heights. Adding to its allure is a bountiful dusting of THC-rich trichomes adorning the dense buds.

Trainwreck THC Content – Highest Test

Trainwreck is typically known for its average THC content of 16%, however, some samples have been found to reach a staggering 21%!

Trainwreck CBD Content – Highest Test

Trainwreck is infused with minimal amounts of CBD that reach a peak concentration of 0.02%.

Medical Benefits of the Trainwreck Strain

Thanks to its mood-boosting effects, Trainwreck has become a popular choice among those seeking relief from depression and anxiety.

For those in search of temporary pain relief, the Trainwreck strain is an ideal choice. From chronic pain and migraines to muscle spasms, this potent cannabis can be used as a natural remedy for relaxation both physically and mentally. With its soothing effects, many people have reported having improved quality sleep when using it before bedtime.

If you are finding it difficult to muster an appetite, the Trainwreck strain might just be the solution! Not only will it help increase your hunger, but its effects also provide a powerful experience that can't be matched.

Side Effects of the Trainwreck from Native Seed Company Seeds

When consuming the powerful Trainwreck strain, it is common to feel cottonmouth and dry eyes. To make sure you experience all of its advantages without any unwanted effects, drink enough fluids prior to, during and after taking this strain; when your eyes are feeling red or scratchy use eye drops. Taking these precautionary steps will guarantee that you get to appreciate the full potential of this outstanding cannabis!

With its elevated THC level, Trainwreck should be cautiously consumed by newcomers to avoid any negative reaction like uneasiness, dizziness or even paranoia. Overconsuming may lead to an increased chance of unfavorable effects.

Despite its title, as long as you don't overindulge, there's no need to worry about "Trainwrecking" after smoking this strain. On the contrary, it will provide an uplifting and euphoric high that is followed by a deep sense of relaxation when consumed in moderation.

Boasting only trace levels of CBD, Trainwreck still offers suggested medical advantages such as relieving mood disorders and providing temporary respite from aches. Furthermore, it can effectively stimulate appetite.

If you are thinking of cultivating the Trainwreck strain, rejoice! It is a bountiful hybrid that can be grown in any environment - indoors or outdoors.