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Hemparillo Blunt Wraps (Royal Blunts)


Hemparillo Blunt WrapsbyRoyal Bluntsareall natural tobacco free hemp wraps. Each pack contains 4blunt wrapswhich all come individually wrapped.Each pack contains 4 Hemparillo Blunt Wraps

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Hemparillo Blunt Wraps by Royal Blunts

Discover the all-natural, tobacco-free, hemp-based experience of Hemparillo Blunt Wraps by Royal Blunts. Each pack contains four individually-wrapped wraps, so you can get your party started. Enjoy the smooth, herbal flavor of OGK, Cali-Fire, Sweets, Grape, Blueberry, and Mango Haze. With Hemparillo Blunt Wraps, you get the perfect wrap every time.

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