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Grape Crush


It won’t take long for you to develop a crush on Grape Crush! This indica-dominant hybrid has all the relaxing benefits of an indica. But it also has the euphoria and smoothness of a sativa! Coupled with its delicious flavour and smooth smoke, Grape Crush has it all!

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Fall in Love with Grape Crush

The perfect strain for those head-over-heels in love? Look no further than the tantalizing Grape Crush. This indica-dominant hybrid, created by DJ Short, is a cross between the fruity staple, Blueberry. Averaging between 10-19% THC, Grape Crush is sure to make you fall in love, too!

Appearance and Flavour

As beautiful as it is delicious, Grape Crush is definitely a strain to behold! The medium-sized, cylindrical buds have a sativa-like structure and are a beautiful combination of bright green with captivating dark purple hues. Add to that a generous coating of trichomes and you've got a real winner!

As for flavour, Grape Crush does not disappoint. The pungent sweet aroma of berries and juicy, slightly sour grapes is sure to tantalize your taste buds with a hint of hashy, spicy tones. The smoke is smooth and tastes herbal with citrus and berry notes.


The effects of Grape Crush are slow to build, but worth the wait. You may experience a slight tingle near your eyes and temples followed by an uplifting euphoria or trippy distortion in visual and auditory perception. As you descend further into the high, waves of relaxation will slowly creep in from your neck to your core and limbs, leaving you blissfully sedated.

For medical users, Grape Crush has multiple applications. This strain is excellent for temporarily soothing symptoms of stress, depression

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10 – 19%