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Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis

Fruit Gushers, also known as “White Gushers” or simply Gushers, is an exotic indica-dominant hybrid and member of the illustrious Cookies lineage of strains. This batch of Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis exudes a sweet terpene profile, with notes of juicy grape and fresh berries, similar toRuntzor Zkittlez.

LINEAGE Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush
EFFECTS Euphoric, Relaxed, Cerebral & Happy
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Fruity, Vanilla, Berries & Sweet

Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis

Take a trip back to the 90s with Fruit Gushers by Pluto Craft Cannabis! This unique strain was created by Cookies Fam Genetics by crossing Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. Pluto Craft Cannabis is an expert breeder of this and many other strains, including Fruity Pebbles, Mike Tyson, and Astro Pink Kush. Experience a delicious blend of sweet and sour fruits with this indica strain, and its extremely relaxing high. Enjoy the calming effects of Fruit Gushers for both medical and recreational purposes, as it offers a rush of euphoria that quickly relaxes the body and mind.

THC Content

Fruit Gushers is 60% indica dominant, but can sometimes reach a ratio of 65% to 35%. Its THC levels range from 21% to 25%, and its parent strain, Gelato #41, averages around 20%. Triangle Kush, the other parent strain, is an 85% indica with 20% THC and 1% CBD. 

Appearance & Aroma

The Fruit Gushers nugs are small and round, but with an elongated tip. These dense buds come in an olive green with purple hues, and are covered in a thick white coat of trichomes. Its earthy and herbal aromas give off an added layer of tropical fruits and grapes. When it comes to flavor, expect a sweet and sour mix of berries and grapes, with creamy cookies, spices, and herbs added in for a richer taste!