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Frosty Cherry Cookies – AAAA – $190/Oz

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 23% | CBD: 1%
Parents: Cherry Cookies x The White
Aroma: Berry | Cherry | Earthy | Herbal
Flavour: Berry | Cherry | Herbal | Sweet

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Introducing Frosty Cherry Cookies, a popular hybrid strain known for its delicious flavor profile and balanced effects. This strain is characterized by its frosty, resinous buds with a sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of fresh cherries. With THC levels averaging around 22%, Frosty Cherry Cookies delivers a strong and long-lasting high that can be quite intense, making it a popular choice for experienced cannabis users.

H1 - Balanced Effects
Frosty Cherry Cookies is a well-balanced strain with a combination of both indica and sativa effects. Upon consumption, users typically experience an initial burst of energy and creativity, followed by a relaxing and calming body high that can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

H2 - Aroma and Flavour
Frosty Cherry Cookies has a unique and delicious aroma and flavor profile that is one of the strain’s most notable features. When you first open a bag of Frosty Cherry Cookies, you’ll notice a sweet and fruity aroma, with distinct notes of cherries and berries. This aroma is accompanied by a subtle earthy undertone, which adds depth to the strain’s overall fragrance. The flavor of Frosty Cherry Cookies is just as delightful as its aroma. It has a sweet and fruity taste with notes of fresh cherries and berries, and a subtle earthy aftertaste on the exhale.

H3 - Medical Use
Frosty Cherry Cookies strain has several potential medical benefits, thanks to its balanced effects and high THC content. Some of the medical effects of this strain may include pain relief, stress relief, appetite stimulation, and improved sleep. It is worth noting that these potential medical effects are based on anecdotal evidence, and further research is needed to fully understand the therapeutic potential of Frosty Cherry Cookies. As with any medical treatment, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before using cannabis for medical purposes.

Frosty Cherry Cookies