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Strain: Indica
THC Level: 27%
Parents: Bubba Kush x Death Star
Flavour: Sweet lemons | Spice Rum | Wet soil
Aroma: Earth | Pine.
Cultivation Method: Living Soil Organic

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Death Bubba: Sleep Like a Corpse

This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Bubba Kush and Death Star and is sure to give users the deepest sleep they'll find anywhere. With THC levels often higher than 27%, Death Bubba is a powerful bud that is sure to leave you in a happy and restful state.

Aroma and Flavour

This dank bud is covered in a mixture of white trichomes and brown hairs, and has an aroma of pine and musk. The flavour is a delicious mix of lemon zest and spiced rum, making this the perfect nightcap.


The psychoactive properties of Death Bubba will provide you with an energetic burst that will leave you feeling focused and motivated. As the high advances, you'll find yourself turning inward and sinking into a deep, restful sleep. This strain is best used in the evening, before bed, or after work. For those with chronic pain, inflammation, and spasms, Death Bubba is an excellent option. Novice smokers should proceed with caution, as only intermediate to advanced cannabis experience is suggested.

From Staff

Death Bubba is an incredibly potent strain that has the potential to knock users out with its intense effects. Recreational and medicinal marijuana users alike will find great benefit in the blissful state it can put them in.