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Dab Mats (My Dab Mat)


Dab Mats by My Dab Mat has come to the rescue with these non-stick, food grade silicone dab mats. Let’s face it, dabs are messy! That sticky, oily, waxy residue ends up everywhere. These mats are large enough to hold a dab rig, dab tools, and containers.

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My Dab Mat - The Ultimate Dab Tool

Are you looking for a way to make your dabbing experience more enjoyable and mess free? Look no further than My Dab Mat! This non-stick, food-grade silicone mat is the perfect companion for all your dabbing needs. With an 11" diameter and 1.5mm thickness, it's large enough to hold your dab rig, dab tools, and containers. The easy-to-clean up non-stick surface is sure to keep your tables and other dabbing surfaces safe from any sticky, oily, waxy residue. Plus, you can even save those drips and splatters to be dabbed as they were meant to be. Make your dabbing experience a breeze with My Dab Mat!