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Cat Piss

Cat Piss

Cat Piss may be a name that takes you by surprise, but this sativa strain is actually quite enjoyable and delivers a blissfully uplifting cerebral high. It's a phenotype of Super Silver Haze, and with THC levels usually reaching just upwards of 18%, it's surprisingly potent. Cat Piss is known for its strong cerebral uplift that leaves you feeling euphoric, happy and upbeat, making it a great choice for those looking to alleviate symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. There are also energized and focused effects, as well as a moderately relaxing body high that can help manage ADD/ADHD, fatigue and chronic pain. Plus, it's known to give users a strong case of the munchies, so make sure you have some food nearby!


Cat Piss is a sativa leaning strain with a typically high THC content of 11-18%. Though it's lower than some heavy hitters out there, it's still considered to be pretty potent. It's also the parent of Cookie Puss, with the other parent being the famed Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Appearance & Aroma

Cat Piss nugs are a light and bright green, with yellow undertones and vibrant, tiger orange pistils. It's covered with a generous coating of crystal trichomes, giving it a frosty appearance. As for its aroma, it's strong and pungent with notes of ammonia, sourness, spices, sweetness and fresh earthiness. When smoked, however, the blend is actually quite nice, with a peppery spice complemented by sweet and sour notes, as well as hints of pine.