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Black Diamond


If you’re looking for good vibes, then Black Diamond is sure to spread smiles while relaxing the whole body. Black Diamond produces a powerful sedative high but also gives you the mental clarity to power through the day.

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Black Diamond: The Perfect Strain for Relaxation

Welcome to your own personal slice of paradise - Black Diamond! This hybrid strain is the perfect choice for those looking to relax and unwind after a long day. Combining genetics from the Blackberry strain and Diamond OG, Black Diamond produces potent sedative effects that will have you feeling blissfully relaxed. Not only does it offer a soothing body buzz, but it also provides a clear-headed cerebral high that will keep you alert and focused. In addition, its powerful pain-relieving and anti-nausea effects make it an excellent choice for medical marijuana users.

Aroma and Flavor

Black Diamond has a delightful aroma of fresh berries, nuttiness, and a bit of earthiness. Breaking the buds apart will unleash a very musky and earthy aroma that really shows off its natural nutty scent. When smoked or vaped, Black Diamond has a thick flavor of rich oak and berries, that will linger on the palate.


Black Diamond buds are stunning - dark green and purple in colour, covered by dark orange hairs. On the surface, its frosty-white trichomes cover the flower, making it look like a sparkling gem.

THC Content

Black Diamond has a THC content of 22-24%, making it a potent strain.

Buy Black Diamond Online

If you’re looking for a strain that will relax your body and mind, look no further than Black Diamond. Buy this strain online now to experience a blissful night full of good vibes!

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