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Animal Face


Animal Face is a sativa-dominant strain that’s roaring for action. With 25% THC on average, this sweet, forest-scented strain delivers effects that’ll make you feel like you’re the King of the Jungle. Its sweet, pine flavour uplifts, refreshes, and relaxes to help you live your best!

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Animal Face: A Rare Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Are you feeling lost in the jungle of life? Put your Animal Face on and you'll be the king of the jungle with just one hit of this rare, sativa-dominant hybrid! Animal Face is a loud and proud cultivar that stands tall with a THC content of 25%, on average. This Craft Cannabis strain is a cross between Face Off OG and Animal Mints – hard to grow and even harder to find!

Appearance, Aroma, Flavour, and Effects

Animal Face has a unique and exotic appearance. The dark-green nugs are covered with bright orange trichomes and a furry layer of white kief – making it look like it's straight from the jungle. Its aroma is pungent with a mix of fresh pine, gassy diesel, and sweet nuttiness. Its flavour is complex and layered, with hints of sweet nuttiness, fresh mint, and dank earth. When it comes to the effects, Animal Face is known for its cerebral rush that hits hard and fast, followed by a wave of euphoria that washes away any stress or tension. As the effects settle in, you'll fall into a state of complete relaxation.

Medical Benefits

Animal Face is a great strain for those looking for relief from anxiety, depression, stress, and chronic pain.

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