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Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland is an appropriately named strain that’s rumoured to be a descendant of the equality wonk ‘Willy Wonder’ strain. With chunky, neon-green buds, fruity and floral flavours, and an average THC content of 22%, the Alice in Wonderland strain will take you on a euphoric and creativity-focused journey like no other.

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Alice in Wonderland Strain - Elevate Your Senses With This Sativa-Dominant Craft Strain

Are you ready to join Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole? This sativa-dominant strain will take you on a creativity-focused journey like no other. Combining genetics from Willy’s Wonder, Alice in Wonderland is the perfect strain to take on a hike and enjoy outdoor activities. With a fruity and floral-like aroma, users will pick up notes of rose, tulips, and wildflowers blended with sweet hints of juicy blueberries. On the exhale, users will experience a sweet, fruity burst of fruit that’ll linger on the tongue, along with notes of dank earth and pine. Not to mention, the nugs are beautiful and medium in size with a neon-green display covered in creamy-white trichomes.

Alice in Wonderland Strain Effects

Alice in Wonderland is the perfect strain to experience an intense sensory journey. It will instantly hit you with an intense rush of brightness, happiness, and euphoria. As your senses become heightened, you’ll feel incredibly imaginative and inspired to create. All without the typical feelings of anxiety and insecurity that might accompany the more intense sativa strains. With such positive and invigorating effects, Alice in Wonderland is best for treating depression, chronic pain, and fatigue as well as stress.

THC Content

Alice in Wonderland has a THC content of 20-23%.

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Alice in Wonderland is a craft cannabis strain that is sure to elevate your senses. It is a very enjoyable strain considering it’s effects are very powerful yet

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17 – 25%