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6mm Terp Pearls (2 Pack)


Maximize your dabbing experience with the new 6mm Terp Pearls from GEAR Premium. These terp pearls will reduce concentrate waste and allow you to dab at lower temperatures. Drop them in, watch them spin, and taste the difference!

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Unlock a More Flavorful Dab with 6mm Terp Pearls (2 Pack) from GEAR Premium!

Experience a flavor explosion with the 6mm Terp Pearls from GEAR Premium! These terp pearls are designed to evenly distribute heat, reduce concentrate waste, and get you the most out of every dab. With a two-pack of lab-grown terp pearls, you can experience a smooth, flavorful dab at lower temperatures.

– Lab-grown
– Pack of 2
– Evenly distributes heat
– Reduces concentrate waste