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300mg THC High Dose Peachy Bears (Sugar Jack’s)


Sugar jacks 300mg THC High Dose Peachy Bearsare ‘un-bear-ably’ delicious. Each adorable, peach-flavoured bear is naturally flavoured and naturally sweetened for a naturally good time, every time.

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Sugar Jacks 300mg THC High Dose Peachy Bears are here to provide the most delicious and enjoyable experience. Our naturally flavoured and naturally sweetened peach-flavoured bears offer a naturally good time with every dose. Every pack includes 10 gummies containing 30mg of THC each, infused with premium nano-emulsified THC distillate.


Gelatin, cane sugar, corn syrup, manuka honey, THC infused cannabis tincture, citric acid, natural flavouring

How Edibles Work:

Unlike smoking or vaping cannabis flower or concentrates, edibles travel through the gastrointestinal tract and are broken down before the cannabinoids are transported to our liver. This transformation is why edibles are a lot stronger than the smoking of regular marijuana flower, and provides a more potent and longer-lasting effect.

Dosing Edibles:

When it comes to dosing THC edibles, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Your body type, experience with cannabis, and whether or not you’ve eaten that day will all affect how long and how hard THC edibles will hit you. If you’re new to edibles, start low and slow to find the right dosage for you. The effects of THC edibles usually last from 1-3 hours, with beginners experiencing up to 4 hours depending on the potency and amount.

For lower-dosed Peachy Bears, click here to purchase the 100mg Low Dose Peachy Bears. THC edibles offer a convenient, discreet, and healthy way to medicate with cannabis. They cause no lung irritation, and they offer a measurable and accurate dose of THC. Get ready for an un-bear-ably delicious experience with Sugar Jacks Peachy Bears!