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XO Extracts Shatter Carts


XO Extracts Shatter Carts are a testament to the beautiful cannabis genetics that are found in Canada. Made from their own in-house processed shatter, these carts perfectly preserve the unique terpenes and cannabinoids found in your favourite strains, offering unbeatable flavour and a consistent experience every time.


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XO Extracts Shatter Carts

XO Extracts is your go-to source for the highest quality shatter vape cartridges. Their team of extraction artists use a strict phenotype-specific mug run to ensure that each strain's delicate terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved. All XO extracts are made from premium AAA+ grade flowers and extracted using a closed loop system and medical grade butane. For maximum potency, their shatter is then purged for over 100 hours to guarantee a solvent-less end product. XO's shatter vape cartridges provide a unique experience when compared to traditional distillate pens, offering up more beneficial cannabinoids and unadulterated terpenes for a full-spectrum high.