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Willy Wonka – Hybrid BULK


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Relive the magic of Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl's classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and its sequel Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator! Although taking a real-life journey through time isn't possible, you can still discover this wonderful cannabis strain. Immerse yourself in 1964 with every puff!

Despite much speculation, the origin of the renowned Willy Wonka remains a mystery. While it is believed to have descended from Sweet Tooth and Willie Nelson, that doesn't seem to be true - credit should actually go to Mr. Natural in Spain!

By carefully combining Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99, the breeder was able to create Willy Wonka. This Sativa-dominant strain provides energizing mental stimulation without any sedation - but still includes a powerful physical high.

Cindy, or Cinderella 99, is renowned for its unparalleled cerebral elation. By merging the DNA of Chocolate Trip and Cindy in a distinctive manner, this Sativa-dominant strain summons intense psychedelic experiences enhanced by Indica properties from the Chocolate Trip - offering users both an invigorated mental state as well as an unreserved corporeal relaxation.

Willy Wonka is far from typical! It earned major recognition in 2014 when it won the Denver leg of High Times' Cannabis Cup, causing an enormous interest among users. Unfortunately, its limited production means that it isn't widely available yet.

Willy Wonka Effects

While Willy Wonka might take its time to hit, don't be fooled - this hybrid packs a punch with 24% THC. Its eventual effects are nothing but impressive and one-of-a-kind! Let the slow journey of this strain lead you into an overwhelming experience like no other!

When the effects of this substance kick in, users feel a blissful high that infuses them with energy and alertness. They may also perceive slight color or vision distortions as well as heightened sensitivity to sound; everything around them appears intensified compared to ordinary levels.

When used sparingly, users can enhance their concentration and productivity while also enjoying a thrilling energy boost that spurs them to work harder. Furthermore, they may even experience an immediate rise in sociability!

Soon, a soothing sensation spreads all over the body. Peacefulness wraps and comforts its users with an alert but tranquil feeling. That is precisely why their near-hallucinatory experience doesn't become more potent or extreme.

Willy Wonka Fragrance

Willy Wonka not only provides an enjoyable experience, but its scent adds to the delight. With a combination of sweet and earthy aromas accompanied with a hint of vanilla, it creates an inviting atmosphere that captivates recreational users in anticipation for what's to come. The fragrance is stimulating and reinvigorating rather than overwhelming!

Willy Wonka Flavors

As you experience the pungent flavor, a rich woody aroma with minty undertones will tantalize your taste buds. When exhaling, it is especially smooth and gentle on your throat for an enjoyable vaping sensation.

Willy Wonka Adverse Reaction

Exploring the world of Willy Wonka can leave you with a dry mouth and glazed eyes, which is expected due to cannabis consumption. But some users may also find themselves experiencing mild headaches or even dizziness - though these effects are usually bearable.

Willy Wonka is an ideal strain for a wake-and-bake session, yet practice caution when consuming it; any negative reactions will generally be minor and fleeting. Although overindulgence can result in unfavorable effects, they are only momentary and won't cause lasting harm.

Willy Wonka Medical Using

When it comes to epilepsy, tremors and seizures that can be alleviated with CBD treatment, Willy Wonka is of little help. However its psychoactive qualities have been found to provide relief from other conditions and ailments.

The extraordinary sensation of elation can lift one's spirits, granting a remarkable sense of tranquility and satisfaction. For those struggling with depression or any other mental disorders, finding comfort in the comforting effects can be immensely beneficial.

For cannabis connoisseurs, Willy Wonka is the perfect antidote for drowsiness. A hybrid of Indica and Sativa elements, this strain provides you with an energizing jolt that's similar to a cup of coffee - but without all those pesky side-effects! After taking it, you'll be ready to tackle any task or project at hand!

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