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White Runtz


White Runtz is a balanced hybrid that is a favorite of Runtz fans, fans of citrus, and anyone who craves stress relief. Like most Runtz strains, it has Gelato and Zkittlez in its genetic lineage, the results, in this case, being creamy, sleepy, fruity, and a bag of giggles.

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White Runtz: Stress-Relieving Hybrid With Unique Aroma and Taste

White Runtz is a balanced hybrid that is perfect for hybrid lovers looking for stress relief. It has a unique flavor profile of creamy, fruity, and candy-like notes with a light touch of citrus. The effects of White Runtz are a calming sense of relaxation and a gentle cerebral stimulation, leaving users feeling uplifted and creatively inspired.

Aroma and Flavour

White Runtz has a captivating aroma of tropical fruits, sweet berries, and a subtle undertone of floral sweetness. The flavor profile of this strain mirrors its aroma, providing a harmonious blend of fruity and candy-like flavors with a creamy undertone. As you inhale, you’ll experience a smooth and creamy smoke that coats your palate with a burst of tropical fruits, reminiscent of juicy mangoes, ripe pineapple, and tangy citrus.

Appearance and Effects

White Runtz buds have a compact and dense structure, typically ranging in size from small to medium. They also have a captivating color palette that combines various shades of green, accented by bursts of vibrant purple. The buds of White Runtz are covered in an abundance of glistening trichomes, giving them a frosty and shimmering texture. The effects of this strain are known for being potent and well-balanced, inducing a relaxing and euphoric state.

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