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White Castle

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking! This is indeedthe strainthat inspired one of the most legendary stoner flicks of all time. White Castle is an award-winning indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by Nirvana Genetics as a cross between White Widow and their own signature Ice phenotype. White Castle offers a sweet and fruity flavour profile as well as a fun and uplifting high that’s perfect for social settings.

LINEAGE White Widow x Ice
EFFECTS Happy, Uplifted, Giggly, Sociable & Energetic
PHENOTYPE Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Sweet, Fruity, Berries & Earthy

White Castle: A Delicious Indica Hybrid

White Castle is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is popular for its strong pain-relieving effects and delicious flavour profile. Created by Nirvana Genetics, this award-winning creation is a combination of the renowned White Widow and Ice strains with a THC potency of up to 20%. The effects of White Castle are deeply euphoric, with a rush of happiness and a strong case of the munchies. You may also feel relaxed and sociable, making it great for chilling out with friends. When it comes to its appearance and aroma, this strain is light green in colour, decorated with golden yellow and orange pistils, and has a strong earthy aroma with fresh strawberry overtones.


The high from White Castle is deeply euphoric, beginning with a rush of happiness and a strong sense of wellbeing. You’ll also feel relaxed and sociable, making it a great strain for socializing with friends. Its powerful sedation can result in couch lock, so you may want to be careful with how much you’re consuming. White Castle is effective for relieving chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and appetite loss, while its uplifting nature can help manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

THC Content

White Castle has