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Wedding Crasher


Wedding Crasher is aSativa-dominant Hybrid developed by the kick-ass team at Symbiotic Genetics. They did so by cross-breeding the ever-popular Wedding Cake strain with the cult-classic Purple Punch.

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Wedding Crasher: A Delicious Hybrid Strain Perfect for Any Occasion

Are you ready to party? The Wedding Crasher strain, developed by the fantastic team at Symbiotic Genetics, is the perfect addition to any celebration. By crossing the popular Wedding Cake strain with the cult-classic Purple Punch, these breeders have created a Sativa-dominant Hybrid with a taste and aroma that will make you feel like you’re at the wedding of your dreams.


This strain looks as good as it tastes. The dense, brightly colored nugs light up the room like a bride’s wedding gown. Breaking open a nug reveals a heavy bouquet of sweet vanilla, grape, and a touch of diesel. Smoking WC is like taking a bite from an earthy vanilla cake topped with candied grapes.

Wedding Crasher Effects + Benefits

Wedding Crasher is a social butterfly strain that will fill your mind with an unrelenting wave of social energy. It’s perfect for MC’ing an event, or just having a conversation with friends. It’s also great for studying, as it’s better than coffee, doesn’t have a huge crash, and tastes infinitely better. Medicinally, Wedding Crasher can help reduce depression, anxiety, and social awkwardness, as well as sluggishness from chronic fatigue.

Aroma & Flavor

The aroma of Wedding Crasher is both sweet and pungent, with strong notes of vanilla, grape, and diesel. When it comes to flavor, WC takes the cake with its earthy vanilla and candied grape taste. On the exhale, you may get mild notes

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