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Walter White by Mephisto Genetics

Walter White by Mephisto Genetics is a sativa strain of immaculate proportions – originally created out of fascination, Mephisto Genetics manifested one of the best modern day sativa strains of the decade! Rumour has it that this talented team of breeders fell in love with a rare cut of The White and looked to replicate it’s amazing trichome production which led them to crossing it with an unknown sativa to create the most notorious strain on their impressive roster. Walter White doesn’t let down with high THC levels that flourish around 24% while providing an uplifting, energetic and heavy buzz. The aroma of this strain are likened to other famous sativas such asSuper Lemon Hazewith its’ intensely sweet and pungent citrus notes and a vanilla-like creaminess on the exhale.

3.5 GRAMS $35.00
7 GRAMS $68.00
14 GRAMS $130.00
28 GRAMS $240.00

Walter White by Mephisto Genetics

Experience the delicious taste of Walter White by Mephisto Genetics—a sativa dominant hybrid strain named after the antihero in AMC’s Breaking Bad. Its flavour profile is a mix of sweet citrus and creamy notes, and offers an incredibly potent high with THC levels reaching as high as 24%. Not only does it taste great, but its energizing effects will leave you feeling upbeat and focused. Whether you’re looking to get through the day, or just want to relax and work on projects, Walter White has got you covered!


Walter White will hit you quickly and quite hard with its euphoric high. You will feel uplifted and energized, and will remain calm yet focused. It will also offer a slight buzzy, body high that is relaxing, but won’t leave you feeling drowsy or couchlocked. In addition, it can help you get sociable in a group setting, and may even induce a mild appetite. If you're feeling a little down, Walter White can give you the boost you need.

THC Content

This strain is typically found to be 70% in sativa dominance to 30% indica, and its THC levels range between 15% to 24%—making it a very potent strain. Its genetics are thought to be from The White, an indica dominant strain with 85% indica to 15% sativa, and averages between 20% to 28% in THC. It is speculated that another Ruderalis or autoflowering sativa was used in the breeding process with The White.

Appearance & Aroma

Walter White truly looks gorgeous with its dense, light green nugs and brassy orange pistils, covered in thick and frosty trichomes. Its scent is a mix of sweet citrus and earthy pine, and on exhale it tastes of sweet cream and zesty lemons with a hint of spice. If you’re a fan of its flavour, you may also enjoy Super Lemon Haze.