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Violator Kush

The Strain

Introducing Violator Kush, the critically acclaimed indica strain that has earned its rightful place in cannabis history. This legendary strain was developed by Barney’s Farm and is the result of their extensive efforts in the Himalayan Mountain ranges and Malana Valley. Here, they sought out the finest local strains, Malana Charas and Hindu Kush, for their potency and hash characteristics. Violator Kush is a classic, dank indica strain that packs an impressive 22% THC concentration, complemented by higher-than-average CBD levels. This powerful combination of cannabinoids creates an intense, full-bodied high that is both euphoric and deeply relaxing. This strain is incredibly popular among cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike due to its effectiveness in treating conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and insomnia.


The effects of Violator Kush are unmistakable. This pure indica strain will bring about a potent body buzz and sedating qualities that will easily knock you off your feet. This strain’s high THC concentration is complemented by its impressive CBD content, which explains its strong effects. Users can expect an incredibly relaxing and euphoric experience with this strain. The ideal activity to pair with this strain is something that is low-key and relaxing, such as watching movies or TV shows. Some users may experience side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes.

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

Violator Kush displays extraordinary, resinous buds that are a fluorescent green with minimal orange pistils or hairs. The medium-sized buds are spade-shaped and covered in an abundance of dense THC trichomes. When broken apart, this strain reveals even more trichomes and a delightful, musky and pungent aroma of earthy, flowery, and spicy notes. The taste of Violator Kush is just as captivating as its smell and will surely leave you wanting more.