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Violator Kush


Violator Kush spouts high THC levels and a CBD count of up to 1.5%. It produces a righteous lazy body buzz accompanied by blissful euphoria. With parent strains Manala and Hindu Kush, this indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for becoming one with your couch.

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Experience Total Relaxation with Violator Kush

Introducing Violator Kush, a heavy Indica-hybrid strain from classic Dutch breeders, Barney’s Farm. Its genetics are a cross of parent strains Malana and Hindu Kush. This strain provides an intense yet lazy body high that will make you feel your worries melt away, transforming you into a state of full, tingly relaxation and deep, blissful sleep. Get ready to experience total relaxation with Violator Kush!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Violator Kush is a high yielding Indica-dominant hybrid strain with small plants that won’t grow more than 2 feet. Its bushy plants are filled with large dark green leaves and long, dense buds covered in brown and orange hairs. Its pungent and dank smell is a combination of musty and earthy with notes of hash spice. It has a musky and earthy pine flavour with undertones of spicy pepper, giving you a taste of the fresh forest air.

The effects of Violator Kush are felt almost immediately, giving you a pleasant euphoria accompanied by its intense body high and lazy feeling. It’s a very social strain that will make you feel more chatty and talkative, making it a great strain for stoner chats. In small doses, it will produce uplifting effects to enhance your mood. Its THC concentration of up to 24% and CBD level of up to 1.5% contribute to its sedative and relaxing properties, making it ideal for treating insomnia. It also helps with muscle tension and pain, digestive troubles, such as nausea and loss of appetite, and can even help with creative thinking!

Due to its potent effects, Violator Kush may not be the best strain

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