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Triceratops – AAAA

Strain: Indica dominant
THC: 24% | CBD: 1%
Parents: N/A
Aroma: Sweet | Orange
Flavour: Sweet | Fruity | Grape

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Introducing Triceratops – an indica-dominant strain grown by British Columbia's finest craft producers. With its sweet and fruity flavour, this strain is sure to be a hit with users that prefer a smooth and pleasant smoking experience.

Aroma & Flavour
Upon opening your Triceratops pack, you will be met with a delightful sweet orange scent. The smoke is very smooth and packs sweet and fruity flavour with a hint of grape.

The high from Triceratops is one that takes over your body almost immediately. Enjoy a mild body buzz and a pleasant cerebral effect that may somewhat distort your sensory perceptions. As the high progresses, users will start to feel more relaxed and heavier, but without feeling couch-locked. We recommend this strain for night time use.

Medical Use
Triceratops is a great strain to use for chronic aches and pains, especially joint pain. It can also help to relieve insomnia, headaches, migraines, inflammation, stress and anxiety.

From Staff
The buds of Triceratops are dense with lighter shades of purple throughout. This strain is more indica-leaning, resulting in an extremely relaxing and potent high. Be sure to have snacks handy as Triceratops will induce hunger.