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Top Shelf Mix & Match Ounce


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Top Shelf Mix & Match Ounce

We’re excited to offer our customers the chance to create their own customized one ounce (28 gram) pack from our Top Shelf Collection with Green Society’s Top Shelf Mix & Match Ounce! Simply choose any four of our premium AAAA+ strains and you’re all set. Each strain comes in a 7 gram (1/4 ounce) variation for a total of 28 grams - making this cost-effective package an ideal choice for those looking to sample our Top Shelf Collection, for variety, or to medicate without sacrificing quality for cost.

Smoking Weed: A Changing Culture

It wasn’t too long ago that the act of smoking marijuana was considered a social taboo. However, marijuana consumption has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, studies show that 64% of Americans are now in support of the legalization of marijuana across the nation. Here in Canada, cannabis culture is widely celebrated and accepted. Our relaxed attitude and values towards weed has allowed it to become a normal part of Canadian society.

Indica vs Sativa: Understanding Cannabis Strains

With thousands of years of history and such a wide abundance of different varieties of cannabis available, it is important to understand the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to determine what is most suitable for your own personal needs. Indica strains tend to be shorter and bushier than sativa strains, with thicker layers of resinous THC. They create a "couch-lock" effect on users, making them ideal for relaxation and to aid with pain and sleeping ailments. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are known to create a creative, invigorating and euphoric high; perfect for “wake and bake” as it provides an energetic high with more hallucinogenic effects. Hybrid strains are created by cross-breeding both an indica strain and a sativa strain together to produce a new strain with its own unique characteristics and effects.