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Thin Mint

Thin Mint aka Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, or more simply as just Thin Mints, is a delectable hybrid strain from the Cookies Fam line of genetics. Like the name may suggest, Thin Mints have an aroma that are deliciously reminiscent of the minty, sweet and chocolate-y cookies from your favourite childhood memories.

Bud Size Medium
Grade AAA+
Lineage Durban Poison x OG Kush
Effects Uplifted, Creative, Relaxed, Happy & Euphoric
Phenotype 50/50 Hybrid
Terpene Profile Minty, Sweet, Earthy & Vanilla

Thin Mint

Introducing the multi award winning indica-dominant hybrid strain, Thin Mint! Developed by Elev8 Seeds, this strain is a combination of Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics, and is named after the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Just like its namesake cookies, Thin Mint is sweet, minty, and irresistible. This balanced hybrid strain offers an euphoric wave of creative energy and an uplifted mood, while also providing a calming buzz-like body high. Its average THC content is high at 24%, but can reach up to 28% in its Thin Mint phenotype. The dense buds of this strain are covered in frosty trichomes and deep purple hues. Its aroma and flavour is a delightful mixture of mint, herbs, vanilla, and spice. If you’re a fan of Thin Mint’s minty freshness, we recommend Mota Mint Chocolate Pot Cookie or Mile High Mint Chocolate Bar by Baked Edibles before they’re sold out!


Thin Mint’s effects are a perfect combination of indica and sativa. The hybrid high allows for users to experience the best of both worlds, providing a mental euphoria and a physical buzz. Its effects are great for recreational use, but it also helps those seeking to alleviate mood disorders such as depression or PTSD. It is also known to help those with insomnia, nausea, and appetite loss.

THC Content

Even though Thin Mint’s THC content averages 24%, its parents, Durban Poison and OG Kush, average 18%-25%. Thin Mint phenotype, the original