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Super Tangie – AAAA+

Strain: 80% Sativa | 20% Indica
THC: 25% | CBD: 0.09%
Parents: Skunk | California Orange
Aroma: Tangerine | Sweet | Skunk
Flavour:  Sweet tropical | Orange | Tangerine

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Tangie: A Refreshingly Sweet Cannabis Strain

Tangie is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a ratio of 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica. This strain is a tribute to the popular Tangerine Dream strain of 1995, a cross between Skunk and California Orange. With a THC level of 19 to 22 percent and a CBD level of 0.09 percent, Tangie has been a consistent winner of awards at Cannabis Cups, taking home 10 prizes in 10 months.

Aroma and Flavour

As its heritage suggests, Tangie has a refreshing and sweet aroma like tangerines, with some Skunk scent and taste from its lineage. Its light green buds are small and compact, with orange hairs and frosty trichomes. The flavour is a delicious, tropically sweet, citrus, and tangerine orange mix, making it one of the best-tasting cannabis strains.


Due to its high Sativa content, Tangie delivers a cerebral high that includes euphoria, creativity, focus, and happiness. With a THC level of up to 22 percent, Tangie is best suited for the intermediate or advanced cannabis user. The main side effects associated with Tangie weed use are cottonmouth and dry eyes, although dizziness, anxiety, or headaches may occur from overconsumption.

Medical Use

Tangie can be used medicinally due to its balanced nature. Its sedative effect may provide relief from pain, stress, depression, and insomnia. Some have reported it to be a good munchie herb for digestive problems, lack of appetite, and nausea. Typical side effects of dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are common with cannabis products, and due to the low CBD content, Tangie may not be suitable